Late on Mortgage Payments ?

Sell Your House in Portland for Cash Fast!

It’s hard to anticipate life’s unexpected events. Getting behind on your mortgage payments due to circumstances beyond your control can be extremely stressful. Portland Cash Buyers can help ease the financial burden and prevent the possibility of going into foreclosure or having to file for bankruptcy. If your past-due balances are adding up, tap into your home’s equity and sell your house in Portland. If you’re behind on your mortgage, we can help.

We can help with a fast, fair cash offer on your house. Our offers are based on fair-market values. We’ll visit your home in Portland and you can get cash in your pocket with an offer that has no added expense of commissions and closing costs. Because we purchase houses with our own funds, we can close on your home in as few as 48 hours!

We buy homes in situations similar to yours all the time. Contact us now to learn how to sell your house in Portland fast!

When you're facing one of life’s unexpected changes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you’re dealing with health concerns or a sudden loss of income, bad things often happen to good people, causing them to fall behind on their financial responsibilities. Sometimes, things spiral out of control, and homeowners are just too far behind to get caught up.

When this happens, your lender has the option to call the loan due. Homeowners can be placed in the uncomfortable position of facing foreclosure and ruining their credit rating. Portland Cash Buyers has a trustworthy, reliable solution to these types of financial situations—one that allows you to retain your creditworthiness and your peace of mind. Get fast cash when you sell your home to Portland Cash Buyers, we can work with your lender to avoid foreclosure, even if you’ve already lapsed on your mortgage payments.

The best part? We can make back payments for you so you can sleep easier at night knowing that a great financial burden has been removed. You don’t have to suffer through the agonizing process of losing your home when you are behind on mortgage payments. Portland Cash Buyers has a solution. Call us now and let us help!

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