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Are You Facing Foreclosure in Portland, OR?

We can help you prevent the foreclosure of your Portland home.

Why do people go into foreclosure?

How long does foreclosure take?

Once the foreclosure process starts, it can take anywhere from four to 12 months to complete, depending on the laws of that state in which you reside.

What options do you have to stop foreclosure in Portland, OR?

Foreclosure can be a confusing, awkward, and embarrassing process. Some attorneys might suggest their clients file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is a common financial tool; however, it might delay the foreclosure process. It can buy you more time to make a financial plan or get your payments current, but your home can still be sold in an auction.
Facing foreclosure means facing the following:
You can stop a foreclosure for your property in Portland by selling your home for cash now to Portland Cash Buyers. We can make an offer and close in as few as three days, saving you from going through the painful foreclosure or bankruptcy processes, which could affect your credit report for years.

The Qualified Property Solution:

It’s our goal to create a financial solution that helps you prevent or stop a foreclosure for your Portland home. No matter how much equity you have in your home, we can buy your home quickly and work with lenders in Portland to prevent or stop the foreclosure.

Since 2000, we’ve helped homeowners keep their credit scores intact by avoiding foreclosure. Our dedicated professionals at Portland Cash Buyers can sell your home for cash now move forward with your plans for the future and put the possibility of foreclosure behind you.

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